Sunday, 1 November 2015

The Make-Up Of News By 2

Thank you for stopping by to News By 2! We are glad that you have decided to stop by. Who is News by 2? Well, that's a very good inquiry! We started off as 2 independent bloggers typing blogs on different outlets similar to blogger but now we have come to a decision that it would be ideal if we coded up News By 2 so that unfiltered stories from us. We also have a massive pet peeve with the way that the media cover or does not cover some stories, so that is the main reason why we have turned to presenting our own news page.

Finally, News by 2 is not a bias news page, but we do have our own views and values when it is in relation to most, so if you are easily offended or have not ever thought about the news that you watch on the tv, then this maybe is not the news source for you. Of course, we would enjoy to be able to provide everybody with an outlet for news, but there will some times be people who won't give us a shot because they might agree with the status quo on a different opinion and we might not! When its all said and done, we just want to be able provide a news source for viewers where they can get factual information on articles without switching the reporting up. We hope that this report has presented some of you a clearer idea of what our news web page, is really for and we hope to see you educating and reading our stories and reports on News by 2!!

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Some of the topics that we will be covering will range from celebrity news, ufo news, history news, technology news, political news along with many more topics that we will be covering and updating on a day by day. Currently, there are 2 writers for our news web page but we are always wanting contributions from our readers and viewers, so if there is any thing that we have not reported on yet, but you would like to see it covered or if you have a article that you would like to share on our webpage, please feel free to email news by 2 and hopefully we can put that report up for you or cover it. We are also accepting to idea's and suggestion's on how our page is operating, so please do not hesitate to give us feedback if you like the layout or if there is something that you think that we can add to our page to better the viewer's time when they will be browsing News by 2.

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